About the Show

Inspired Bodies is a multimedia art exhibit featuring works curated by local artists Alice Gardner-Bates and Hannah Chertock. Inspired Bodies features artists in the DMV whose artwork is inspired or influenced by physical or mental disability, chronic illness, or pain. This show celebrates all bodies and our resilience.

Show Dates: August 1st – October 31st, 2019

Opening Night: September 27th, 2019, 6-9pm
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About the Curators:

Hannah Chertock is a multi-media artist living in DC, exploring concepts of pain, bodies and medical technology. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Certificate of Product Innovation in 2016.

Her art aims to heighten awareness of the body by making viewers think about how they experience senses and movement. She manages BodiesAdapt, where she sells body-inspired, intricately layered paper creations including tunnel books and metallic renditions of organs. Her artwork strives to create a sense of awareness and appreciation of our bodies.

Alice Gardner-Bates is a painter and multi-media artist living in Maryland. She graduated University of Texas at Dallas in 2013. Her paintings of mutilated women wearing poignant expressions demonstrate a satire of sexual objectification and consumption that consciously interrupts the male gaze. Her works are inspired by the frustration, bordering on futility, of women’s efforts to define themselves within a kyriarchy.

Her paintings explore the fluidity of identity, and a person’s ability to change and reconstruct themselves in response to set systems. She integrates the literary notions of body horror, the uncanny and the abject to understand the unfeminine and unexpressed violence in young women’s internal experiences. These are a catalog of women’s attempts to assert power and control over their own bodies.

Hosted By:

Maryland Meadworks

4700 Rhode Island Ave Ste B
Hyattsville, Maryland